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Section 377

Recently I read about the section 377 in which the court made homosexual relations a crime. I mean I was really disappointed in indian government(not that I am gay). On one hand they claim that India is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and the largest democracy and on the other hand they are so narrow minded. I mean its not their fault they are gay. 
I know a boy of my age who is gay . Initially when he was very young like 7 or 8 he always  dreamt about marrying an actress. But when he was 9 , in 4th class one of his cousin who was 16 at that time sexually abused him and  warned him not to say anyone about the abuse. Since he was very young he  didn’t tell anyone. This abuse continued to his teens.  By the time he reached puberty he lost whatsoever attraction towards female he had and he realised that  the abuse he was suffering was wrong and he eventually told his cousin to stop what he was doing which his cousin did. That boy was a very good friend of mine and he told me everything . Now his cousin is happily married and has a son with his wife.  Whereas my friend now can’t even tell about his sexuality to anyone and has to act as if he is straight. 
Now a days when countries are on their way to legalize gay marriage  india has prohibited  homosexuality. Many people have lost their right to love.